Organisation Profile

Essential Information

Name:  Uprava Republike Slovenije za javna plačila
Abbreviated name: UJP (PPA)
Registered office: Dunajska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana
Year of incorporation: 2002
Responsible person: MSc. Aleksandra Miklavčič, Director General
Tax ID no: 106 41 424
Reg. no: 157 28 14
Code of activity: 84.110
Transaction account no: 01100-6300109972
Web portal:
Telephone no: (01) 4751-651
Facsimile no: (01) 4751-707


The Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (PPA), a body attached to the Ministry of Finance, was established on 20 April 2002 under the Payment Transactions Act. Its formation paved the way for the establishment of a new payment system for budget users. Today, the duties and organisation of the PPA are governed by the Provision of Payment Services to Budget Users Act.

Persons responsible for ensuring the publicity of the PPA's operations:

  • MSc. Aleksandra Miklavčič for the PPA's field of activity.
  • the director and heads of the PPA's regional units for their respective fields of activity.

Responsible public information officer: Marko Pelko, MSc.